If you want to learn all the steps to consider for the correct use of a spectrophotometer and for taking a colour reading, don’t miss the rest of the related contents:

Once the surface is prepared for the reading, and after correctly calibrating the spectrophotometer, it is time to take the colour reading.

By using the spectrophotometer, we aim to obtain the most accurate surface colour information possible. This way, the mixture formulated from that reading, will help you to obtain better colour matching of the area to be repaired with respect to the adjacent parts.

1. Finding the car’s colour code

The first step is to take the car’s colour code reference, which, depending on the make and model, can be located in different parts of the car, such as the boot, door pillars or under the bonnet, or in the car’s documents.

The location of this code may vary for each make and model. You should consider this information when you start working with the colour management software.

2. Colour reading

Once you have prepared and cleaned the surface to be measured correctly, it is time to take the colour reading with the spectrophotometer.

First, in the main spectrum screen, click on “work lists”, and then click on “add new work”.

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Paso listas de trabajo

This way, the spectrum will go into reading mode. Place the spectrum in the polished area. Always vertically, as it takes a better reading that when placed horizontally, preventing any movement. It must always be rested evenly on the surface.

If the device is properly placed, itwill show green lights. Otherwise, it will show red lights.

Then, take 5 manual readings without moving the spectrum from the support surface.

Sometimes, the “dark mode” may be activated when measuring dark colours. This is done in order to extend the reading time and brightness when taking the reading, as light reflection is more complicated with dark colours.

3. Interpreting the data obtained

After taking the 5 readings, the result of the reading will be interpreted through the valuation indicator. 

Our recommendation is that if the 5 points in green have not been achieved, it means that there is a large difference between the 5 readings taken, so you should carry out the reading process again right from the start.

Medición correcta 5 checks espectro

The reasons for this incorrect result can be related to poor surface preparation, poor calibration, poor condition of the spectrum lens or movements during the reading process.

Then, once the reading is finished, save the reading information by clicking on the pencil icon. The information that you will be able to save will be:

  • Colour code.
  • Registration plate.
  • Vehicle manufacturer.
  • Vehicle model.

It is interesting to save the information for each car and repair, which works as a repository of information so that it can be accessed it in the future if needed.

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As a final step, save the information, and connect the spectrum to the computer.

Conectar espectro al software de color

Once the spectrum readings have been transferred to the computer, we recommend deleting them from the spectrum to prevent mistaking them with other readings.

This way, you will be ready to work on the computer, and to check the information obtained with the colour management program.