If you want to learn all the steps to consider for the correct use of a spectrophotometer and for taking a colour reading, don’t miss the rest of the related contents:

A correct calibration of the spectrophotometer is a key factor in obtaining accurate and reliable colour readings. Take as an example the X-RITE MA3, one of the most widely used models among paint manufacturers nowadays.

Now let’s see the steps to take to prepare and calibrate the device properly for colour reading.

1. When to calibrate the spectrophotometer

Bear in mind that if you keep your spectrophotometer calibrated at all times, it will help you to obtain much more accurate information from the colour reading. In addition, in some cases, the device itself may not allow a reading to be taken if it is not pre-calibrated.

This process won’t take long, and in return, it will ensure greater reliability in the reading.

Medición Espectro Color

It should also be considered that since a spectrophotometer is a photosensitive device, it can get decalibrated due to sudden changes in ambient temperature or extreme temperatures.

The calibration process, according to the manufacturer’s instructions, should be carried out at the latest every 14 days. Our recommendation is to do this on a daily basis, as the time required in relation to its benefits is minimal. Calibrating it before any repair will take no more than two minutes.


2. Steps to follow

First, check that the spectrum’s battery is charged and the lens is clean and in good condition.

Comprobación de la batería del espectro

Then, place the white ceramic plate that comes with the spectrum in a horizontal position on a flat surface without movement.

The white point calibration is used to offset gradual variations in the spectrophotometer.

Cómo calibrar el espectrofotómetro en pintura de coche

Then, access the settings screen -> click on calibration, and the following question will be displayed: Start calibration? -> Click on “yes”.

Do not remove the spectrum from the white ceramic until the calibration process has been completed. Finally, a screen will appear confirming that the calibration has been completed.

Pasos para calibrar el espectrofotómetro

This way, the spectrophotometer will be prepared to take the reading of the vehicle’s surface.